AWS Skill Builder

By Daniel Aniszkiewicz ยท 5th February, 2023


Learning AWS can be a challenging task, particularly when focusing solely on theoretical knowledge. While studying for AWS certifications, it is essential to recognize that hands-on experience is crucial for truly understanding and mastering the various services and tools offered by AWS. By only relying on theory, one can miss the opportunity to develop practical skills needed to tackle real-world scenarios.

Engaging in practical projects and labs allows learners to experiment with AWS services, make mistakes, and learn from them. This hands-on approach helps to solidify the understanding of key concepts and best practices. Moreover, practical experience can significantly improve problem-solving skills and increase confidence when working with AWS in a professional setting.

We have a lot of courses on the market, whether on platforms like Udemy, where we can keep up with what the presenter is showing in video form.

I recently came across something better - AWS Skill Builder from AWS.

This includes a lot of AWS cloud training, preparation for certs, as well as a lot of cool hands-on labs where we can practically learn different scenarios for working with the cloud in the AWS console.

skill builder

Remember, in order to access the labs as well as the official practice exams from AWS, you must purchase a paid subscription. This is $29 added to your AWS account. The price is just right for such knowledge and opportunities.

Courses include videos, beautiful diagrams, animations as well as quizzes:

skill builder

Very nicely done are the hands-on labs, where you can practice practically. The environment in AWS is automatically generated for the course:

skill builder

skill builder

skill builder

Everyone at their own pace can work at the console along with the instructions given. At the end, all you have to do is close the lab and you're done. Depending on the courses, you can also earn badges.


All in all, AWS Skill Builder is a knowledge-packed place to learn practical things with the AWS cloud, the materials are clear, cool diagrams and visualisations, and most importantly, cool hands-on labs where you learn the most by doing. Earning badges is also a cool initiative. Highly recommended.