Node 16 is finally in AWS Lambda

By Daniel Aniszkiewicz ยท 13 May, 2022


Finally, it's done, Node 16 has come to AWS Lambda.


More information about Lambda 16 support you can find here.

Node 16 adds cool new functionality that you can use, some of which are:

Actually, the above approach is not correct when using AWS Lambda. It is the antipattern.

Remember, the AWS lambda duration limit, is only 15 minutes.

If you have requirements where you need to wait for something, such as a status change in your Serverless application, I would suggest using AWS Step Functions (Wait State, which can wait up to a year to resume workflow data), or using Lambda inside AWS Step Functions with a BackoffRate strategy).


Please od familiarise yourself with the EOL Node. Personally, I'm looking forward to supporting version 17.