Amazon S3 workshop (conducted Aug 18th, 2021) - Summary

By Daniel Aniszkiewicz ยท 19 Aug, 2021


On 18th August 2021, I've organized a workshop about the AWS cloud storage service - Amazon S3 (as well as S3 Glacier and Glacier Deep Archive). The workshop was attended by 8 people, with different background in AWS cloud computing.

Participants' experience with S3


Participants' expectations:


During the Google Meet meeting, I gave a presentation which could be found here.

General content

At the beginning of the workshop we started with:

  • We got to know the S3 service from scratch.
  • We got to know the different types of storage (and the differences between them).
  • How to do encryption on buckets.
  • The topic of presigned URLs with examples of use.
  • The most interesting topic for everyone - pricing.

Multipart upload (I wrote about this in one of the last blogpost), as well as showing a finished implementation of a photo uploader with this approach.

S3 Transfer Acceleration - only upload.

We've done a test speed comparison via the website (brilliant stuff!) to see what real results Transfer Acceleration will give us when we want to upload files to different buckets around the world.

S3 Event Notification - here is a practical example which I've already described on the blogpost regarding event notification for uploading memes to bucket.

After a short break we moved on to the practical part of the workshop. That is, the creation of your own bucket in the S3 service. For those who touched this topic for the first time, we went step by step in the AWS Dashboard and create a new bucket.

Those who were more advanced tried to automate the process and try the IaaS approach, with Serverless Framework and AWS CDK.

We then moved on to the topic of S3 Glacier and S3 Glacier Deep (what they are for, and how they differ from S3).

We then tried our hand at a tutorial tutorial with AWS to gain practical skills.

As homework, it was to read the second tutorial.


In my opinion the workshop was a success, everyone managed to both create their own S3 bucket, and play around with different options, learn about different interesting S3 functionalities, as well as go through a tutorial related to Glacier and Glacier Deep Archive.

Both beginners and advanced found something for themselves.